An Overview of Hospitality Designing

One of the terms commonly heard in interior design circles is "hospitality designing." What exactly does this mean? Essentially, it refers to interior design work that's related to large common spaces, such as those in hotel lobbies or restaurants. Hospitality designing seeks to create functional and beautiful spaces that reflect well on the establishment and ensure a good experience for each visitor.

Inviting Spaces

Hospitality designing is about more than just choosing the carpet and artwork for an area. It must incorporate intangible elements, such as the flow of the space and the location of the furniture and other elements. Hotels, restaurants, and other similar businesses need to make sure the spaces in their buildings create a good impression on visitors by being inviting, beautiful, and easy to navigate.

Trained Design Experts

When a hotel or company needs to build or redesign an interior area, the project manager may bring in a hospitality designer. These interior designers generally have additional training or experience in creating visually pleasing and practically efficient spaces. They are able to take a company's vision for a space and make them a reality while incorporating elements of the brand's aesthetic and values.

The Lighting Scheme

The most important element of hospitality designing involves lighting. Insufficient light can make a space feel dreary, unclean, or even scary, whereas the right type of lighting can take good design elements and make them even better. Getting the lighting right involves drawing in natural light, choosing the right type and amount of artificial light, and matching the light quality with the right colors and decorations.

Creative Arrangements

Designers have to do more than just pick out chairs and tables. For example, the furnishings in a hotel lobby should be arranged in a way that is useful for guests who are waiting for transportation or meeting with colleagues. Restaurants need to have a good balance of different seating options that are arranged in a pattern that makes it easy for servers and guests to move around the space.